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Let us establish your presence on the web!  We can design and build your website including implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so your site can be found via popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  Our graphic artists can design a site tailored to your business with a look and feel uniquely yours by incorporating corporate logos, themes, etc.

Our process is simple, but not always easy:

  1. Let’s get you registered!  If you don’t have a domain name, we’ll help you set up an account and acquire your very own presence on the world-wide-web! We’d prefer you allow us to take the lead on this if you are just getting started and don’t yet have a domain, email etc.  We’ll be glad to work with already established domains, but what we sometimes find is many companies are paying too much and it can be difficult to make things right.  All in all, don’t sweat it!  We’ll get you there.
  2. We start by sitting with you to explain the process and to give you homework.  For our next discussion, we ask that you have an idea of other sites you’ve visited that you really like so we can model yours in a similar fashion.  We can pick the best parts from several sites you’ve seen and incorporate them into your very own!
  3. We discuss your chosen sites and talk about how you want the site laid out, menus, buttons, flow, colors etc.  Don’t worry!  We’ll walk you through it and come up with something for you should you not have an immediate preference.
  4. We come up with a mock-up of the home page with the elements discussed thus far.  This will serve as the initial framework of the site once approved.
  5. In the meantime—AND THIS IS THE NOT-SO-EASY PART, we ask that you commit to assigning someone the task of producing the CONTENT of the site.  Think of this as the story that you want to tell when people peruse your beautiful new site.   There are general areas that you can start with including About Us, Products, Services, FAQ, Contact Us, etc.  You’ll definitely want to describe any specialties that your company offers since this can differentiate you from your competition for that business segment.  This step includes other content like photos and videos that you may want to include.
  6. At this point we’ll have much of the framework built and ready for the content!

We’ll guide you to the finish line from here.  Once we have the site ready to go, we will assist with a hosting plan that suits your needs.  Most of the time for an informational site, hosting is very inexpensive on an annual basis.  That’s it in a nutshell.


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