TotalCare Managed Technology Services

  • We start with Security and lock it down for ultimate network protection.
  • We manage ALL network computers 24/7/365 for extreme optimization and speed.
  • ALL computers include Artificial Intelligence enhanced endpoint protection for proven ransomware and other malware protection.
  • Our NOC (Network Operations Center) is alerted of problems before you are, so we can expedite the resolution.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Statistically speaking, if you lose your data, you are most likely out of business.
  • Do you know if your backups are actually working? Our industry best solution will prove this daily.
  • How long can your operations afford to be down and how much data loss can you accept? We’ll help you with the answers and provide a solution that covers both.

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Network Security

  • Your weakest link is your employees! Why not strengthen that link with our frequent phishing training campaigns that only requires minutes of time throughout the year.
  • Your last line of defense is your gateway device to the internet. Our Universal Threat Management appliances provide the most advanced protection from and to the internet.
  • Best-practice policy recommendations, combined with industry leading 24/7/365 Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Detection Systems, Vulnerability Scanning, and Compliance Management, will ensure the strongest network security available.
  • Optional data analysis appliances can ensure quick detection of rogue hacker activities from the outside and INSIDE before they become a problem.

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Full-Coverage WiFi

  • Show us where you want coverage and how it will be utilized, and we’ll provide you with a detailed analysis stating how many Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are necessary, where they should be located, and proper configuration settings.
  • Our techniques secure and separate your company data from guest access without the possibility of overlap.
  • Our solutions offer smooth, seamless transitions within your entire coverage area without signal dropping.
  • Because WiFi is a form of network access, security is tightly managed to provide access only for what is necessary.

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Website Design, Hosting, Domain Services

Web Design and Hosting
Let us establish your presence on the web!  We can design and build your website including implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so your site can be found via popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  Our graphic artists can design a site tailored to your business with a look and feel uniquely yours by incorporating corporate logos, themes, etc.

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