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TotalCare Managed Technology Services

You’ve probably heard the term “MSP” when dealing with companies that claim the ability to support your data infrastructure. What does it mean? To understand the term Managed Services Providers, watch the video below that demonstrates our ability to leverage a team of expert network engineers and technicians at a total lower cost than hiring your own staff.

MSP’s seem to be coming out of the woodwork nowadays. So how do you know their claims are backed by expertise and experience? The answer isn’t necessarily simple because the whole reason a company requires outside technical expertise is because they don’t understand data infrastructure or information technology in the first place. Therefore, if an MSP starts spewing technology terminology, a possible inaccurate assumption is subconsciously made that automatically makes them an expert in the field.

What Makes Techspert Different

We simplify data and information technology. We schedule ongoing Chief Information Officer-style (vCIO) meetings with business owners and/or upper management where we provide reliable, relevant, ongoing, industry-standard-best-practice-based reporting of your company’s technology infrastructure. We identify any shortcomings with easy to understand visual graphs and demonstrate the risks to your business surrounding the current state of your network and offer solutions to mitigate that risk. Your current effective technology spending is shown based on the audit score which demonstrates the current efficiency of your dollars spent. Click here for a sample report.

Our Management Foundation

Our four blocks define how we cover every area of your technology infrastructure. This all-inclusive strategy provides for the quickest incident resolution, proactive monitoring, the least amount of downtime, least amount of accounting, highest level of efficient operations, and peace of mind that no matter what, your data is safe and recoverable! No guessing at your monthly I.T. budget. EVERYTHING maintenance and BCDR is included all without the hassle of wondering how much I.T. is going to cost this month! And frankly, because we profit only when we are NOT spending physical man-hours on your technology infrastructure, we strive to perfect your infrastructure for the most efficient operations for a win-win. We do this with our multi-process automation tools that constantly monitor and optimize your systems. This means more productivity for your company and a better bottom line. We offer three version of TotalCare, each with its own cost-effective monthly price:

  1. TotalCare: Our most comprehensive solution. Includes all maintenance shown in our four blocks.
  2. TotalCare- Security: A subset of TotalCare and includes all areas of our four blocks except non-security related reactive support services are billed at a reduced hourly rate which brings the monthly management cost down for those companies who may have staff that can handle some of the reactive support issues.
  3. TotalCare- BCDR: Another subset of TotalCare focusing solely on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. We provide a fully-managed solution for any Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for ANY type of disaster, including loss of facility.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about our process to optimize every aspect of your technology infrastructure.

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