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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Within ALL of our TotalCare offerings Our fully-managed BCDR solution is solely based on minimizing downtime in the event of a disaster. We provide everything required including an onsite appliance whose purpose is to manage and maintain the BCDR environment. This ensures your company is back on its feet quickly in case of ANY form of disaster that may occur. We come across many companies that believe that just because they “backup” their data, everything is great. The difference between backups and Business Continuity has nothing to do with a successful backup but everything to do with how quickly that data can be restored.

In order to settle on the proper BCDR solution, one must be able to answer the following questions:

  1. How long can your company afford to be down?   If your answer is 8 hours or less, read on!

  2. Would your business go belly up if you lost all your data?  According to statistical data, 80%+ would!  If you believe your company falls into that percentile, read on!

To answer these questions, our partner’s Recovery Time Calculator gives realistic losses should your business go down for a specified period of time. This will define your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and prove your company’s demise should you suffer a complete data loss with no way to recover.

Our solutions serve to mitigate the two types of disasters that a company may encounter with RTO’s measured in seconds to minutes:

  1. Physical hardware malfunction/failure.  This means the server or EVERY Virtual Machine (VM) is down and your business data is no longer accessible.

  2. Facility Disaster as in the case of flood, fire, tornado, etc.  Potentially EVERY PHYSICAL DEVICE making up your infrastructure is beyond repair and will have to be replaced—including the local BCDR appliance.

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